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How to Contact AirAsia?


I believe many AirAsia passengers are looking for the best way to contact AirAsia after the closing of AirAsia Premium Line. AirAsia had explained that registered AirAsia members at are able to make changes on their flights, purchase pre-booked meals, check payment, request itinerary and etc. But another common question by public is where should they lodge a complaint or feedback to AirAsia after the closing down of its premium Line?

Airasia complaints channels

Here are three easy ways to write or lodge a complaint/feedback to AirAsia:

1)      AirAsia Twitter

AirAsia is doing a great job in replying enquiries on Twitter. In addition, AirAsia is the most popular airline in using Twitter according to the Airlines Monthly Twitter Report December 2011. Therefore, I believe you will get your most of your problem solved via AirAsia Twitter.

Note: AirAsia Twitter is live from Monday to Friday (away on Malaysian public holidays) from 9am – 6pm (GMT+8)

Airasia Twitter

Follow AirAsia Twitter ( now.


2)      AirAsia e-Form

Since AirAsia Twitter is away for Saturday & Sunday, if you need further assistance on feedback, enquiry, suggestion, refund or compliment, fill in the AirAsia e-form and click submit. The e-Form will be sent to AirAsia support team for further action. This e-Form covers lots of issues such as airline personnel, baggage, call centre, flight issues, in-flight services & products, mobile booking/check-in, sales office, trave agent, website booking, AirAsia Insure, BIG Loyalty and others. In addition, you can attach the photos or documents in the e-Form for AirAsia’s reference.

Airasia eform

Fill in the AirAsia e-Form now.


3)      AirAsia Live Chat

AirAsia Live Chat is my favourite way to communicate with AirAsia live agents; you will get the answers instantly by a live person instead of machine answering. However, you must register as AirAsia member first because the system requires your member login and password. All chats are currently in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Thai and Tagalog.

Note: AirAsia Live Chat is available every Monday to Friday (excluding Malaysia’s public holidays), from 9am – 6pm (GMT+8)

Airasia Live Chat

Use AirAsia Live Chat now.


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