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Frequently Asked Questions about AirAsia RedTix


Airasia Redtix

Here are some FAQs about AirAsia RedTix that you might want to know:

General Information

Question: What is

Answer: is the hottest, smartest new way to discover, discuss, review and book tickets to an international line-up of concerts, sporting events, musicals, theatre performances and more. A subsidiary of Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, is the world’s ultimate gateway to for the latest music and entertainment news, tour dates and event calendars, artiste bios, interviews, videos, songs and other cool downloads. By partnering with premier event organizers and promoters in Asia and across the globe, offers customers a platform from which to leap into an exciting world of top-notch entertainment. Make bookings online and have electronic tickets issued and emailed to you or sent to your mobile phones – so waiting in queue is a thing of the past! Connect with other fans and enthusiasts in online forums to share your views, reviews and recommendations on anything from sports to music to the arts.

Ticket Booking

Question: How does the paperless ticketing system work?

Answer: The system provides for delivery of a paper ticket voucher that will either be your dedicated, unique ticket or a Supplier Related Voucher (SRV) dependant on where your event is happening. Your paper ticket can be presented at the event gate where the gate staff will check your ticket and provide entry. Note that paper tickets are checked for security. Should you get an SRV, please bring it along to the event venue and exchange it at the box office service point for your event ticket.

Question: What is the difference between an SRV and a Ticket?

Answer: As or its parent company AirAsia Berhad does not control, own or manage the venues and locations where we sell tickets, we are unable to produce a direct ticket that can be used to enter the event. In such cases you will receive an SRV (Supplier Related Voucher) which will provide confirmation of your purchase, all event and seating details (including specific seat information for reserved seats), plus instructions on what needs to be done when you arrive at the event.

Question: What details are on the paperless ticket?

Answer: Name of event, seat number, date, time, venue and a secure barcode. Where an SRV is delivered, the same event details will be included as well as information on what needs to be done event venue to swap the SRV for your venue tickets.

Question: Can I opt to receive my paperless ticket via email or mobile phone or both?

Answer: Currently, you will receive your paperless ticket via email through your inbox on your computer or email browser on your mobile phone. We will be introducing paperless ticket via SMS (short messaging service) very soon.

Question: How do I download paperless ticket onto my computer?

Answer: The email attachment in your inbox on your email browser will have a PDF file. Open the PDF, print it out on a white A4 sheet of paper and present to the venue box office service point.

Question: How do I upload paperless ticket onto my mobile phone?

Answer: The email attachment in your inbox on your email browser will have a PDF file. Open the PDF and present to the venue box office service point.

Question: I do not have a mobile phone or computer. How do I receive my paperless tickets?

Answer: The ticketing process is built on and relies on web sales and e-ticket delivery.

Question: What do I do if I don’t receive my tickets via email/mobile phone?

Answer: If you haven’t received your email and attachments through your computer or email browser on your mobile phone, check your spam or junk folder. If not, contact [email protected]

Question: Do I need to print out my paperless ticket?

Answer: That depends on the kind of ticket you receive. Certain SRV will allow you to store the ticket on your mobile as a PDF attachment, or require a hardcopy to be printed. Others may require you to change your SRV at the venue or box office service point.

Question: How do I purchase tickets?

Answer: Just click “Buy Now” on the event you want to attend and follow the on-screen instructions. Your information and details are kept in a secure transaction, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Question: What sort of payment modes does accept?

Answer: accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Question: How do I get a receipt for my ticket purchase?

Answer: Your email confirmation will include an automatically produced receipt for your purchase.

Question: How do I keep track of my transaction?

Answer: All details of the transaction will be on your email receipt. Log on to on a regular basis to check for event updates.

Question: Do I need to purchase ticket for my child?

Answer: This depends on the admission rules for the event. Unless specified, usually infants and children without tickets will not be admitted. However this differs from event to event. Please check the admission rules on the event page for more details.

Question: Is there a time limit when I purchase tickets online?

Answer: Yes. Once you’ve begun the purchase process, your seats will be held for 10 minutes. You’ll need to complete your transaction within that time or you’ll be logged out automatically.

Question: Is there a limit to the tickets I purchase online?

Answer: Ticket limits may vary depending on the event.

Question: Can I cancel my ticket purchase?

Answer: Once your transaction is completed, it cannot be cancelled or exchange and any payment made are not refundable.

Question: How can I seek assistance when purchasing tickets on

Answer: Please email us at [email protected].

Question: Is my online purchase secure?

Answer: Yes. Several unique security features are in place, including a complete security payment process with a customised payment “vault” system that allows pre-registered credit and debit cards, direct debit and e-wallets to be use. It takes about 48 hours for ticket buyers to receive their tickets after the payment process has been completed. This allows our Fraud Detection team to identify possible areas of irregularities and protect the ticket buyer from online fraud.

Question: What does being 3D-Secure compliant mean and what does it have to do with my card?

Answer: 3D-Secure compliant is a security feature implemented to prevent fraud. To purchase tickets on you’ll need ensure this feature is activated on your card. These features are identified as either “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode” depending on your card.

For more details, please contact your issuing bank.

Question: How do I activate my card’s Verified by Visa or MasterCard Securecode feature?

Answer: Contact your credit card issuing bank.

Question: Can I select my own seats?

Answer: This depends on the event venue. Where seating plans are available, you will be able to select specific seats.

Question: Can I upgrade or downgrade purchased tickets?

Answer: No. All sales are final.

Event Day

Question: How do I present my email ticket at the event venue?

Answer: Print the email PDF attachment on a white A4 sheet and present it to the gate staff. They’ll scan the barcode and allow entry based on the event detail and number of persons in your ticket. The same applies when showing the PDF attachment in your email browser on your mobile phone.

Where the email delivery includes an SRV, you will have details on the SRV as to the arrangements at the venue. Note that where you have bought a ticket for multiple people to enter, they must present together as your group.

Question: How do I present my mobile phone ticket at the event venue?

Answer: Open the paperless ticket in your email PDF attachment on your mobile phone email browser and present at the gate for the barcode to be scanned.

Question: If there is a group of us and we are arriving separately, can we present our paperless tickets individually?

Answer: At present, you are required to be present together at the gate with the person who bought the group tickets. If the email attachment of your purchase is for a ticket, then that can be printed and passed to your group members and the access control will check the barcode and allow the entries at different times. Where your email attachment is an SRV and needs swapping for tickets at the venue, the purchaser will have to collect all the tickets and distribute them to the group.

Question: What if I lose my mobile phone? How can I retrieve my paperless tickets?

Answer: If you lose your mobile phone just before the event, you will be able to go to a service point at the venue where you can present valid identification for a security check to be made and replacement tickets to be arranged. Note that lost tickets may not be replaced in all cases where full security checks cannot be made and if you are unable to provide valid identification.

Question: How can I find out more about the event?

Answer: Log on to on a regular basis to check for event updates.

Question: Is there any restriction that I should be aware of?

Answer: You are not allowed to bring any audio and video recording equipment into most venues. Usually, the venue will require you to deposit your recording equipment and collect it after the event.


Question: If I am unable to attend the event, can I get a refund for my purchased tickets?

Answer: No. All sales are final and there are no refunds.

Question: What happens if an event is cancelled or postponed?

Answer: nor its parent company AirAsia Berhad is responsible or liable for any event cancellations or postponements. Event promoters will have to address this matter in their terms and conditions directly to you, the patron. will however require merchants or event promoters to inform patrons on details of event change or postponement or cancellation.

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