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AirAsia Steps to Online Booking (Screenshots)


Here’s a quick guide provided by AirAsia to help guest(s) to familiar with AirAsia online ticket booking. There are basically 5 steps to complete the online booking process which includes search, select, guest & contact, payment and itinerary.

Airasia step by step booking

Step1: Search

a)      Please select your departing & arriving cities as well as currency. For one-way only, please click the checkbox.

Airasia step by step booking

b)      Please select your departing & return dates.

Airasia step by step booking

c)       Continue by selecting the number of guests (maximum 9) for adult, child or infant. The system automatically selects one as the default number of guests.

d)      Click on Search button to proceed.

Step2: Select

a)      Available flights will be displayed in a 7 day schedule with the fares and travel time. Select your preferred flight, time and type of fare (Promo, Regular, Hi-Flyer or Premium) by clicking on the column.

Airasia step by step booking

b)      If the selected flight details are acceptable, click on the checkbox to accept our Terms & Conditions of carriage & fares rules.

Airasia step by step booking

c)       Please select Yes if you have special needs.

Step3: Guest & Contact

a)      Enter your Email address & password (optional)

Airasia step by step booking

b)      Fill in your contact details.

c)       Click checkbox if you’d like to save your information for your next visit. If you check the box for sign me up! We will send you our services & promotions regularly to keep you updated.

d)      Book for your travel party with your family & friends list.

Airasia step by step booking

e)      Fill in the fields that have not been autofilled.

Airasia step by step booking

f)       Click on the tabs to fill in the details of all guest(s) to proceed. (for booking more than 1 person)

g)      Select your preferred seat by clicking on it and human picture icon represents the seat you’ve chosen.

Airasia step by step booking

h)      Switch between flights by clicking on the tab (upper left) or click continue to auto-select your seat.

i)        Continue selecting seats for your travel party by clicking on the name of the guest on the bottom left hand panel. (only for bookings of more than 1 guest)

Airasia step by step booking

j)        Check and confirm the selected seats for each guest.

Airasia step by step booking

k)      Choose your add-ons by checking the corresponding boxes.

Step4: Payment

a)      You have almost completed the booking process. Please verify the total price of your flight(s).

Airasia step by step booking

b)      To pay with your credit card, please enter your credit card details and also your billing address.

c)       Please double check if the final amount and guest names are correct. Then, click Submit Payment to make the payment.

Airasia step by step booking

Step5: Itinerary

a)      Once the payment has been processed, your flight itinerary will be displayed on the screen and a PDF itinerary will be sent to your email. You may proceed to web check-in after confirmation and up to 1 hour (AirAsia flights) or 4 hours (AirAsia X flights) before your flight departure. To amend your itinerary or pre-book extra services, please go to manage my booking.

Airasia step by step booking

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