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AirAsia Lowers Baggage Fees for Domestic & International Flights


AirAsia has reduced its baggage fees for 15kg and 20kg tiers to both domestic and International flights. For 15kg weight tier, you only need to pay RM20 (previously RM 25), 20kg weight tier for RM30 (previously RM35). On the other hand, AirAsia X has lowered the baggage fees for 25kg and 30kg tiers. For 25kg weight tier, you pay RM80 (previously RM90) or 30kg weight tier for RM95 (previously RM100). Anyway, to enjoy the above baggage fees savings; you need to pre-book online instead of purchasing it over the airport counters. Now, let’s compare the AirAsia old baggage fees & new fees from the below table.

Airasia new baggage fees

If you want to save more, try to avoid buying baggage sizes over the airport counters because you need to pay 50 percent more compared to pre-book online.  For example, for a 15kg weight tier, you need to pay RM40 (domestic) or RM60 (international) at the counter but when you pre-book online, you save up to 50% for both domestic and international flights.

RM20 for Sports Equipment Handling Fee

Great news for sports enthusiasts is about reduction of sports equipment fees. Now, you only need to pay an additional RM20 handling fee instead of RM70 in the previously.

Introducing New Weight Tiers (35 kg & 40 kg)

AirAsia & AirAsia X also introduced a new weight tiers for 35kg and 40kg after getting popular demand from AirAsia guests. The new baggage fee for 35kg tier is RM70 (domestic) & RM80 (international) for AirAsia flights while AirAsia X charged RM110 for 35kg weight tier & RM120 for 40kg weight tier.

Common AirAsia New Baggage Fees FAQs

1)      When will the new baggage fees take effect?

The new fees will take effect from 22 February 2012.

2)      What kind of sports equipment can I bring?

Bicycles, surfboards, snowboards, golf and skiing gears.

3)      Does hand luggage weight contribute to my pre-book baggage?

No. Hand luggage (maximum 7kg) does not contribute to pre-book baggage weight.

4)     Could I get the refund if I had pre-booked the baggage sizes earlier than the new baggage fees implementation date?

Unfortunately, no refund for the passengers who pre-booked the baggage sizes earlier than implementation date.


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