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AirAsia FAQs – Add-Ons


Many AirAsia travellers have general enquiries or questions about AirAsia add-ons services. Therefore, we have compiled the top 10 most common asked FAQs regarding AirAsia Add-Ons for your easy reference. In case you do no find the answers from the FAQs below, kindly click AirAsia Contact Us to get further assistance.

AirAsia FAQs - Add-Ons

1)      Is it ok if I combine my checked baggage with my travelling companion?

Answer: Yes, guests are allow to combine the baggage together with your travelling partners (with the same PNR booking number) and you must present at the check-in counter.

2)      How do I purchase AirAsia Insure Travel Protection after purchasing the ticket?

Answer: You can buy AirAsia Insure Travel Protection on “Manage My Booking” page.

3)      How do I make changes to my AirAsia booking?

Answer: AirAsia members can easily manage their bookings now via “Manage My Booking”. Kindly be informed that the changes may not be allowed for promo fares. Any amendments to a confirmed booking will incur change fee. Click here to view fee schedule. Following are the booking changes that can be managed by members.

a)      Change or upgrade flights

b)      Baggage, meals, comfort kit & entertainment

c)       Update travellers’ details

d)      Pick a seat

e)      Travel add-ons

f)       Retrieve your itinerary

4)      Can I transfer my pre-booked baggage size to another guest?

Answer: No.

5)      Do I get refund if I decided to change my earlier purchased baggage weight of 25kg to 15kg?

Answer: No refund for the baggage weight that has been purchased.

6)      Do infants get a checked baggage allowance?

Answer: No. However, baby buggies/stroller or prams can be carried free of charge.

7)      What items can be carried free of charge?

Answer: Baby buggies/pram, manual wheel chairs, mobility devices and walking frames.

8)      How can I book an extra seat?

Answer: Firstly, you need to make a booking for two and enter the guests’ details page as per your passport. You should enter “EXTRA” in the first name field and “SEAT” in the Last Name field for second guest column. The rest details for second guest should be the same with yours. For your information, you should purchase Pick A Seat to ensure the two seats are adjacent to each other. Please note that there will be no cabin baggage allowance for the extra seat.

9)      What if I already booked a seat but the seat is not available?

Answer: There are two options for the guests in the case of unavailability of seats. AirAsia might help you to secure the seat on another or its scheduled services without additional charge or you can choose to travel at another time within three months using the credit in your AirAsia account.

10)   Tell me more about priority boarding and hot seat.

Answer: Priority Boarding is only available for guests who purchased Hot Seat via Pick A Seat. Guests who buy a Hot Seat will get priority boarding service plus select seats from the first 5 rows or 2 rows at the emergency exit of aircraft. Elderly guests who aged above 65 years old will be given priority to board after Hot Seat guests.

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